Wednesday, July 27, 2005

the sovereign six

So by now you all saw the veto competition and the new alliance that I formed with Howie, Rachel, Janelle, James and Sarah--the sovereign six. The plan is that we are all strong individuals. We play to get the others out and then it is a race to the finish. The house has been intense since that veto competition and my complete shake up of the house. I said I would turn this house upside down and I did. No one knew what hit them. I love it! Chaos baby... complete chaos.


Blogger Kaysar's Future Wife said...

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7:03 AM  
Blogger Duri said...

Kaysar, you really ROCK! And what's up with Eric saying "Is that in your Quran?" Puhleeezz Eric, is deceiving in your Bible? Keep religion out of it. ITS A GAME...DON'T FORGET THAT! Keep the moves coming dude!!

Thx for making us Muslims proud!!

Nor Cali is rooting for U!

4:04 PM  

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