Tuesday, July 26, 2005

it's all one big game of chess

So many of you have noticed that I really love to play chess. When I was strategizing with Howie and Janelle after winning HOH, I started to play the chess match in my mind. Things have fallen into place since I took over as HOH and I am excited about the upcoming weeks. I continue to play chess every night... and as the pieces fall, the game starts to get more and more interesting! What's next? What's brewing in my mind? Just wait and see... ;)


Blogger DarthDiggler said...

Well Kaysar, it's Tuesday Aug 2nd, and it looks like you might be gone Thursday. You pulled the best upset in BB history. None of the 'other' brainless HG's in Crappys crew can ever top your popularity with the fans. Maggot makes me ill to look at and listen to. She's foul, fake, delusional, and a waste of space. She has no concept of herself and how stupid she looks. I'm pissed off , BB, that you let filth stay in the house and get rid of the truly likeable houseguests. You RULE Kaysar! And I love you Janelle..!

7:00 PM  

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